Career Options

In the earlier days, the word career was associated with either "doctor or engineer". But with the introduction of technology and increasing awareness due to globalisation and ease of communication, the word "career" has added much more to its meaning. There are many opportunities available for people.

Career oriented courses have been developed keeping in mind the skill requirements of a particular job and market needs. These days whatever may be your field of interest; you can find a place where you can get the needed professional knowledge and training. These courses unlike other courses focus on the practical training and expertise required for a particular job.

Film, Media and Mass Communication and Advertising - The term mass denotes great volumes, range or Extent. So if you can communicate with the masses confidently and responsibly and creatively, then this is the course for you. With Mass Communication reaching levels of industrialisation like never before, there is great chance to have a successful career in this field.

Language, Law and Arts- This is one of the traditional and most popular streams. The courses in arts of which language is an essential part, open wide range of careers for you to chose from. These are generally socially inclined courses.

Finance, Banking and Commerce- There are various courses available under this stream. These courses are best for those who are practically oriented. It is one of the most sought after stream in India as the country has maximum number of students graduating in Commerce stream. Therefore many jobs opportunities are also available in this sector.

Design- The designing Industry has taken the World by storm during the last decade. With the number of people interested in flaunting designer pieces increasing with each passing day, this sector has a way to go in the near future.

Health Care- This is one sector that can never be doubtful of its future, as long as the people live on this planet that too with unending supply of unhealthy food and other uncontrollable factors, the health industry would be required. So a good degree or diploma course in any of the domains of health can be very useful.

Sports- Sports industry is growing very rapidly, thanks to the excellent achievements by different sportsmen all across the world in their respective fields. So if you have those athletic genes then go ahead and venture into this unique field.

Science, Engineering and Computer Applications- All those brainy people interested in knowing how the things actually work can venture into this field. There are many universities offering excellent courses in the field of Science.

Soft Skills- Soft skill sector is one sector where age or experience doesn't count though many a times it works as an added advantage.

Tourism, Hospitality and Aviation- This is one sector to offer maximum job opportunities and it also is the one of the major contributors to the resources of any country

A brief List of career courses in different fields