Entrance Exams For Career in BE

Career in BE

The BE or Bachelor of Engineering (BE) degree is offered in India by a large number of government and private colleges and universities. The degree is conferred to the students after they successfully finish the duration of four years associated with a particular domain of engineering. Usually, a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) degree normally consists of eight semesters with each semester spanning a period of six months.

For studying the Bachelor of Engineering degree, the students have to pass their 10+2 examination or Higher Secondary Examination from a recognized board in India or Diploma from a recognized polytechnic which is also known as 10+3.

In addition, it is also a general prerequisite for the students to pass an entrance exam which is conducted by the college or university where they are looking for enrolment. This common entrance test is specifically conducted by the more well-known institutes. The number of seats is limited and students qualify for these seats on the basis of their scores in these entrance tests like IIT-JEE.

Engineering diploma holders can qualify for the Bachelor of Engineering courses by means of a lateral entry. This helps them get exemption in terms of a number of subject areas. Usually, a diploma holder in engineering can get admission in the Bachelor of Engineering course (four years) in the 2nd year. As a result of this, the number of years of study (10+3+3=16) for a diploma holder is equal to that of the non-diploma holders (10+2+4=16).

Current Scenario of BE in India

Self-governing universities and colleges in the country confer the B.Tech or Bachelor of Technology degree in place of the Bachelor of Engineering. A number of educational institutes might also confer a "B.Tech with minor" or "B.Tech with Honors". However, this is dependent on further course assignment.

One of the famous universities that impart engineering education with BE-Sandwich courses is Pune University. A number of engineering colleges and institutes that are affiliated with Pune University and offer BE-Sandwich courses are as follows:

Vishwakarma Institute of Technology

Maharashtra Institute of Technology

College of Engineering, Pune

AISSMS College of Engineering

Entrance Exams for BE

The BE or engineering entrance exams are regarded as major entrance exams in India since majority of the students of the nation target for engineering courses, instantly after passing their 10+2 examinations.

India is famous for its Indian Institute of Technologies and its state-of-the-art engineering education infrastructure and research opportunities. All the Indian Institute of Technologies are home to their separate research hub, assisting in the majority of engineering advancements and infrastructure in the nation. In addition, to simplify the process of enrolment to engineering courses in India, the Union Government has specified three entrance exam systems, namely JEE, AIEEE, and SLEEE.

Given below is a list of the BE Entrance Exams in India:

Top B.E. Colleges in India