Career in Forensic Science

Forensic science is a study that is concerned with the investigation of crime. The study involves investigation of the criminal process through a scientific process and deals with the minute details in the crime scene that needs accuracy, skill, training, and experience in the field of crime investigation. Although the study is not involved directly in solving the crime, it has everything to do with the crime and the scene. One has to know about the time, the objects related to crime and other factors.

Their job includes analyzing the samples that are collected from the crime scene, applying techniques and scanning electron microscopy, genetic fingerprinting, mass spectrometry, liquid chromatography and infrared spectroscopy, attending the scene of crime, reviewing the reports, justifying the results in court, analyzing and interpreting the data, coordination among the team members and many more jobs.

The job requires skilled and highly alert candidates who have an inquisitive mind and a passion for accuracy, great observation skills, be secretive about the case and the job as a whole, team spirit, be able to have logical conclusions and also involves lots of common sense and be practical on the job.

Current Scenario of Forensic Science Course in India One can find employment at various government facilities for the positions of a forensic expert, crime scene investigator, forensic scientist, forensic consultant, forensic expert, forensic medical examiner, a forensic psychologist, fraud examiner and fingerprint expert. Today the career has raised new heights and the pay scales are good too.

With the increase in demand, there has also been an increase in salary for the forensic scientist as well. The expert can have a career option in the fields like forensic pathology, forensic psychology and psychiatry, clinical forensic medicine, forensic dentistry, forensic engineer, dactyloscopy, forensic entomology, forensic linguistics, forensic serology, forensic art and forensic anthropology.

Major Forensic Science Course Examinations in India To be a forensic scientist, you should complete your 12th grade from the science stream. After graduation, one can complete one-year diploma course with forensic science and criminology as their subject. One can also continue with an advanced study like the master's program and continue with research degree as well. Here is a list of major entrance exam.

Top Colleges offering Forensic Science Course in India