Travel and Tourism Courses

In the recent years, travel and tourism has emerged as the most demanding sector in terms of both services and service providers. Travel and tourism industry is being counted among the largest foreign exchange earners throughout the world. This is one sector that provides huge employment opportunities to millions of aspirants' world over. In addition, there are many associated fields offering equally great career opportunities.

This industry provides huge area for aspirants to venture in different directions. They can find the job of their choice if different areas including state tourism departments, travel agencies, immigration and customs, hotels, airlines, tour operators and in many other related fields such as interpreters, guides, catering services, tourism promotion, sales. Moreover, you can expect to be the part of a big international travel and tourism enterprise or can be working in small privately run tour operator agency depending upon your course, expertise and experience.

Current Scenario of Travel and Tourism Courses in India

Being a flourishing industry, travel and tourism industry accounts for nearly one-third of the foreign exchange earnings of the nation. To fulfill up the demand for specialized and general services, it employs the highest number of people as compared to the employments in other industries. Going by the forecasts by world Tourism Organization, it is expected that India will be the leader in the travel and tourism sector in South Asia by the year 2020 with around 8.9 million arrivals.

In addition, according to World Travel and Tourism, India is going to be second fastest growing tourism economy in the world. With increasing disposable incomes, people are spending more on domestic and international travels. The inbound tourist expenditure per head in India is counted to be third highest in the world that is higher than any average global tourist spending. Despite economic crisis, Indian tourism revenue is expected to grow by 42% from 2007 to 2017.

Major Travel and Tourism Exams in India

The travel and tourism sector offers promising career opportunities to thousands of aspirants. However, each employer prefers well trained and experienced candidates to take care of their operations. To cater to the huge demand of skilled and trained people, many institutes in India are offering well structured travel and tourism courses. These courses offer

Some of the popular courses include,

The minimum qualification for joining any of these courses is passing class 12th exams. In addition, candidates must qualify different entrance exams according to the institute and the course they wish to join. Some of the major entrance exams for admission to travel and tourism courses are given below.

Top Travel and Tourism Colleges in India

There are many colleges offering different travel and tourism related courses. Below is given a list of top institutes in India offering tourism courses.