India Utilities

Pin code

MapsofIndia brings to you a new useful tool to find the PIN code of any area within the country or to find the name of any area for a particular PIN. For finding the PIN, select the name of the state, the district, and the name of the post office. Then, press the go button and the result will be displayed. Conversely, type the PIN to search for the area the PIN belongs to, and the result will be displayed.

Flight Schedule

The flight schedule tool allows travelers to access updated information on all flights connecting a city and on all flights connecting two specific cities. To get this information, first select the name of the city, click on it and flight schedules of various airlines for that destination from other cities is displayed. Additionally, to get the flight status between two specific cities, select that particular combination, and the information listing the arrival time, departure time, and the frequency of flights of different airlines is shown.

Census Maps

The India census is a helpful source for scholars and researches looking for rich data and statistical information based on the Indian Census on subjects such as population, labour and economy, literacy, along with state-wise population and sex ratios. One can select a subject of interest, then choose from a list of topics based on the issues of that particular subject, and after that, click on the topic to find maps and data for that topic.

City Distance Search Engine

MapsofIndia brings two useful tools to find the distance between two cities and to find the shortest possible route between them. To begin, select the city you are travelling from, and the city you are travelling to. Now, press the find button and the road map and driving directions will be shown. Alternatively, you can find the shortest possible route between two cities or towns in any state. Select the states and the cities, and an interactive map of the shortest route between them will be shown.

Download Wallpapers

MapsofIndia allows you to download fresh and high-quality themed wallpapers for your desktop. You can choose from a variety of religious and festival themes and a number of wallpapers for each theme. To get the wallpaper, first select the theme, and then, select wallpaper from a choice of different wallpapers offered. Click on the desired wallpaper to view it, and press the download button to get it on your desktop.

Bus Schedule

MapsofIndia brings to you a bus schedule utility which provides travelers with useful information on bus schedules from approximately 12000 destinations. This tool will help the travelers get information about buses operating from a particular destination to another. It will also provide a map and inform us about the total distance, journey duration, bus operators, bus types and the arrival and departure timings.

Latitude & Longitude

Frequent travelers and research scholars will find information on the geographic co-ordinates- the latitude and longitude- of India, of any Indian state, or of cities and important locations within that state. One only needs to select a state or a union territory, click on the button displaying its name, and information on its geographical co-ordinates will be shown in a map of that state, along with additional information on the co-ordinates of its main cities and other locations.

National Highway Search Engine

MapsofIndia brings to you a very useful tool to find the route and the distance of a national highway and also to find a highway which connects different cities. To find a highway route connecting cities, you just need to type in the name of the city, press the search button, and the number and the route of the various highways which connect that city will be displayed in the box below. To find the route of a particular highway, just type in the number of the highway, press the search button, and the box below will display the name of the cities on its route along with the distance of the highway.

Railways Timetable

Travelers looking for information on train connections to various cities will find this a helpful source. To use it, first select the train, then select the destination, finally select the city of departure to view the information on the train number, departure time, arrival time at the destination, distance covered, and the week days the service is offered. Additionally, click on the train number to view the train schedule, stations the train stops at, along with the distance it travels.

Road Companions

MapsofIndia's multipurpose tool is helpful for travelers needing road maps and directions for any destination within the country. To get the distance guide between two cities, click on the button, and a road map or route guide for the cities will be displayed. To get additional directions to your destination, select the city of your departure and the destination, choose your language, and detailed directions, on how to reach your destination will be shown.

State Profiles

Researchers and students looking for concise and updated information of all states and Union territories in India will find it collated in the State Profiles. Useful facts on the size, formation, location, language and other geographical specifics of each state along with additional information about its history, culture, economy, and tourism are displayed under each State profile. To access this information you only need to click on any State Profile.

STD Search

This helpful tool from MapsofIndia lets you search for the STD code of any state or city within the country. To get the STD code, select the state and the city then press the "get it" button and the STD code for that city will be shown. In addition, to know the codes of all cities and towns within any state, select a state and the names of its cities and towns will be displayed. You can then select a particular city to know its STD code.

Distance Chart

MapsofIndia brings for frequent travelers and tourists planning a trip, multiple and unique tools to find out the distance between two cities. To calculate the distance, just select the cities to access a route map and driving directions. Furthermore, select the states and cities to view an interactive map of the shortest route between them. In addition, you can access a distance chart showing the relative distance to that city from other cities and towns.

Driving Direction Maps

Drivers looking for road maps for all the major highways of the country will find this information in the user friendly driving directions pages. To access a route map for any highway, click on the button displaying the number of the highway and the cities it passes through and connects. A road map of that particular highway will be shown. Furthermore, click on any city on this map and a detailed road map of that city will be displayed.