Air Hostess Training

Air hostess, often called stewardess, cabin crew or flight attendant, is one of the female members, whom an airline company employs to be a part of the aircrew. Their primary job role includes ensuring the comfort and safety of passengers traveling in different kinds of flights. Apart from this, such flight attendants are even tasked with various types of customer services like serving drinks and meals to the passengers. Starting from welcoming the passengers to giving a demonstration about the different emergency devices is even part of the job role of an air hostess.

Their work schedule involves working at odd times as well depending on the schedule of the flight, which they are assigned with the duty for. As per the regulations related to the international safety of the air travelers, each and every flight needs to have a specified number of air hostesses.

Current Scenario of Air Hostess Courses in India Many students from all over India wish to build up a career in this field. The financial crunch that affected the sector of Indian civil aviation during the year 2008 shattered the confidence of the public in terms of choosing this field as a career. However, the youths of this nation have now been able to regain that confidence and have started once again to enroll them in the different air hostess training institutes. Several students from the Indian Republic even travel abroad to pursue varied courses related to this career.

Generally, the graduate candidates are preferred for such a profession. However, many other pre-requisites are required that are judged in the admission tests of the different institutions in India that impart training in this field of study. The nature and duration of such examinations can vary from one college to another though. Apart from being a graduate, one, who aspires to be an air hostess in this nation, is required to fulfill some other criteria, some of which are mentioned below:

A person, who have successfully passed the Plus Two level of education but qualifies these entrance level examinations of the Indian air hostess institutes, are even eligible to enroll themselves for a course for becoming an air hostess.

Major Air Hostess Examinations in India The selection procedure of the different air hostess institutions of India includes a written examination, which each and every candidate aspiring to be an air hostess, needs to pass. However, the aspirants first need to clear the screening test. The nature and level of the examination might vary from one institute to another. The entrance examinations even depend on the nature of the course as well.

Top Air Hostess Colleges in India The nation houses numerous air hostess training institutes that range from most reputed to average ones. The following table shows names and other contact information of some of the best air hostess institutions in India: