Textile Design Courses

This refers to the creation of patterns and structures for woven, knitted or non-woven fabrics. It involves the process of producing design for clothes, which are used in household textiles, clothing and decorative textiles like carpets. Starting from the actual design making to the different other processes, which are related to this kinds of production are included in this field of study. To be precise, it is a process that starts with raw materials and ends in the finished product.

The main elements of this process are yarn, fiber and many more. Being a creative arena, it associates itself with making contemporary, creative and stylish designs. This even bridges carpet manufacturing, fashion designing and different fields, which are related to clothes. The usage of printing or dyeing is one of the major parts of textile design. This, as an academic course, is quite popular in different parts of the world.

Current Scenario of Textile Design Course in India

With the fast growing potential for the market of textile products in India, many new avenues have opened up in regards to the career option in textile design. This necessitates a proper educational qualification in textile design though since, they need to have a sound knowledge about the different methods of designing textiles and textile fibers. Designing of textiles, as a specialized subject, can be studied both in graduation and post graduation level.

However, the degrees related to this field can be either in the discipline of arts or science as nowadays, several professionals use computer based designing software for the creation of varied textile design. Over the past few years, the country has been successful in developing some of the famous institutions that offer various courses in this field. Apart from offering degree courses, numerous Indian institutions and colleges offer diploma courses on the same. To name a few of such diploma programs offered by the various institutions of the nation are:

Currently, in the Republic of India, there is a huge demand of textile designers, which in turn has increased the need for such professionals. The textile design industry of the country offers varied job roles to the skilled textile design professionals. Following are some of the popular most designations, which describe the varied job roles that can be offered to a person, who have got a degree in textile design:

Major Textile Design Examinations in India

Candidates, who aspire to pursue any course in textile design, need to qualify in the entrance examinations that are carried out by the different institutions. To appear for these examinations, one needs to fulfill some eligibility criteria though. The major criterion being, the candidate needs to have successfully completed higher secondary level of education from a reputed institution. The names of some of the most important textile design entrance examinations in India are as follows:

Top Textile Design Colleges in India

The Indian Republic has got numerous institutes of textile design. Based in different parts of the nation, these colleges offer varied courses on textile design. The names and basic contact details of some of the famous textile design institutions in India are provided in the below mentioned table:

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