Psychiatry Courses

With urbanization and industrialization, emotional trauma and stress has increased, giving way to emotional and behavioral disorders. All these disorders are treated under psychiatry. It is understood that a psychiatrist is able to identify the mental sickness of a person and may differentiate between a normal person and a mentally deranged person.

Sometimes these problems are so subtle that it cannot be identified by the normal people. However the behavioral disorders may result into accidents and strife. These problems also surface due to some surgical, medical and gynecological treatments.

The job of the psychiatrist is to find the root cause of anxiety, trauma, depression, irritating behavior, schizophrenia and split personality. So, it covers both the counseling therapies and medicines to treat the patient.

Current Scenario of Psychiatry

There is no dearth of jobs for people trained in psychiatry in India. Apart from government and private hospitals, enormous opportunities are there in mental hospitals all through the year. Rehab centers also employ these experts to treat drug addicts, dipsomaniacs, manic depressives and psychotics, victims of rape and other abuses, juvenile delinquents and others.

Psychiatrists are also in demand at health institutes, whereas private practice has always been a lucrative option. Counselors are needed in almost all the social organizations and institutions such as academic institutions, prison, rehabs, NGOs and corporate houses. They can also become trainers and motivators.

Major Psychiatry Exams in India

To go for a course in psychiatry an MBBS degree is required. After that you can either go for a three year MD course or a two year diploma in psychiatry. All these courses include some practical counseling and treatment experience at some psychiatric hospital.

Top Psychiatry Colleges in India