Career in B.Arch

B.Arch or Bachelor of Architecture is an under a graduate degree in education. This architectural degree is designed in such a manner so that it satisfies the educational component of professional certifying bodies. To be precise, it is related to designing and planning of buildings and different kinds of architectural constructions. This under graduate level program, generally, continues for a period of 5 years. However, the course can even be pursued post successful completion of a 3 year general architectural degree. In such cases, the duration of B.Arch decreases to 2 years.

Current Scenario of B.Arch in India

As per the provisions of the Architects Act of the year 1972, the Government of India constituted the C. O. A. or the Council of Architecture in the country. Besides maintaining the registration of architects, C.O.A. is responsible for the regulation of professional education and practice in the entire nation. Any person aspiring to become an architect needs to pass a B.Arch program and then register him or herself with this council so as to practice on his or her own.

Currently, the nation has got around 1, 35 institutions that the degree of B.Arch in India. Such institutions include colleges, universities, Indian Institute of Technology or IITs, National Institute of Technology or NITs, deemed universities and autonomous institutions. Spread over different parts of the nation, these B.Arch institutions of India offer courses of architecture with varied specializations.

Entrance Exams for B.Arch

One who aspires to do B.Arch needs to pass the entrance examination conducted by the individual institutes, where he or she intends to get enrolled. The most famous entrance examination for B.Arch that is conducted at the national level is the All India Architecture Entrance Examination.

To name a few of the other well known B.Arch Entrance Examinations in India are: