Advertising Courses

Producers and service providers aim to reach their target clientele through various advertising campaigns. This is done through visual and/or text messages. The prime objective of advertising is to create awareness about the brands/products and their salient features. This is also done to remind the potential buyers about the unique sales propositions of the products. Print media, electronic media and conventional modes of advertising such as billboards, banners, and neon signs are used as tools of advertising.

After liberalization at home, India has seen a tremendous surge in the advertising industry. Per capita income and lifestyle has seen a sea change in this country. Advertising is a stream of mass communication, and is directed towards brand building. Effective communication is the base of successful advertising. It helps promote sales, market the product better, and accelerate the buying cycle. Therefore, we can say that advertising is the soul of marketing.

Current Scenario of Advertising Courses in India

Since advertising has become the need of the companies to beat the competition, advertising as a career has become highly glamorous and lucrative. Surprisingly, these are not just the businesses that look for advertisers for enhanced reach, but individuals in the field of politics, religion, and social service, NGOs, and other organizations also run advertising campaigns to communicate with the masses.

There are no salary constraints for the right person in this profession, and you can reach the pinnacle of success pretty soon if you have the flair, passion and acumen for this creative field. To sum up advertising is a very lucrative and rewarding career and it will grow further as the competition between the brands and service providers, heats up.

There are two types of jobs available in the advertising industry, creative and executive type. Copywriters are responsible for producing text based slogans and messages to be placed as tag lines on the adverts, both traditional such as billboards, newspaper ads, posters and banners and for electronic media such as TV etc. This is a rather creative job profile. After that you can move to the position of art director who is responsible for overall visual effects along with the text messages. It calls for original thinking. This proposed ad would be sent to creative director for their approval. It is further sent to the client for final input and approval before it goes live with the help of the team. If it is a TV ad, you have to coordinate with your producers and other artists. Graphic designers are responsible for creating a design according to the need of the client. This is also a very creative profile and you work with a team to produce the final product.

Major Advertising Examinations in India

It is better to have a degree in bachelor of fine arts or graphic design to enter into the field of graphic designing. A degree in visual communication can also help. The following colleges conduct their own entrance exams for their prestigious graphic design courses.

Top Advertising Colleges in India