Beaches in Tamil Nadu

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Disclaimer: All efforts have been made to make this image accurate. However Compare Infobase Limited and its directors do not own any responsibility for the correctness or authenticity of the same.
Disclaimer: All efforts have been made to make this image accurate. However Mapping Digiworld Pvt Ltd and its directors do not own any responsibility for the correctness or authenticity of the same.

Tamil Nadu beaches are one of the principal tourist attractions in the state and all of them make Tamil Nadu a favorite tourist destination in India. The state sports some of the best beaches in South India that have a charm of their own. All these are ideal destinations for sun bathing, relaxation, and water sports activities.

Tamil Nadu Beaches: An Overview

Covelong Beach

The Covelong Beach of Tamil Nadu offers one with the most enchanting and exotic view that casts a magic spell on the tourist. The calm blue sea and the golden sandy beaches of Covelong captures the imagination of the poet. The picturesque landscape of the place mesmerizes the tourist and fills them with a sense of wonder. No one can ever imagine the beautiful gift of nature unless one visits the sandy beaches of Covelong.

Located at a distance of forty kilometers from Chennai, Covelong serves as the perfect holiday destination for those who wants to enjoy their leisure time in perfect solitude. The beach of Covelong is lined with tall palm and coconut trees that adds to the beauty of the place. The place offers an excellent opportunity for the water sports and one can experiment his or her sporting skills amidst the beautiful surrounding of the place.

The tourist town of Covelong bears relics of the rich architecture of the by gone days. During the ancient times, this place served as an important port of the Nawabs of the Carnatic. The city is full of many Churches, Mosque and Forts which reflects the historicity of Covelong.


The exceptionally blessed beauty of South Indian landscape, Kanniyakumari also known as Kanyakumari, is surrounded by Kerala, Tirunelveli, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea. Shining with the reflections of sunset and sunrise, the place boasts of a range of interesting places and creations. For one, the world famous Vivekananda Rock reminds the tourists of the solid determination and integrity of character of Swami Vivekananda who meditated on this very place before departing to Chicago.

While exploring the splendors of South India every traveler make it a point to visit Kanniyakumari. Not only because of the golden beaches and mysterious sea of the place but also for the man-made ecstasies like the sacred temple of Bhagavathi.

Rameswaram Beach

Rameswaram, the holy land of lord Rama, is at the end of the southeast corner of Indian Peninsula. Possessing one of the famous temples of ancient India, Rameswaram owes its origin to the oldest of civilizations. Today the place is a popular pilgrimage site of South India. Occupying an area of around 61.8 sq km, Rameswaram is believed to be the salvation ground of king Rama during his post-victory period over the demon Ravavna.

Transformed into a major tourist spot, the place stands tall with its world famous Ramanatha Swamy Temple. Erected during the reign of 12th century warriors, the Temple is an outstanding architectural evidence of the famed Dravidian era. With the magnificent and unique corridors that are adorned by brilliantly sculpted pillars, the Temple has twenty two wells each of which is known to have medicinal qualities in its water reserve.

Among the other appeals of Rameswaram, Dhanushkodi claims a special mention for its sacred temple of Kothandarmaswamy that is enshrined with the statues of Lord Rama, Sita, Hanumana, Lakshmana and Bivishana.


Located at a distance of sixty kilometer to the north of Chennai, the Pulicat Beach of Tamil Nadu provides one with a divine feeling of serenity and tranquility. Amidst the picturesque landscape of the island, Pulicat is encircled from all sides by the blue sea and salt- water lakes. The Pulicat Lake, a narrow salt water lagoon which is the backwater of the mighty Bay of Bengal, is one of the important tourist destinations of South India.

The small island of Pulicat is inhabited by a population of 30,000 most of whom are fishermen of the "Pattanavan" fishing caste of Tamil Nadu. The island is ecologically enriched with varieties of wildlife which makes the Pulicat island a paradise for the nature lovers. One can encounter the rare and endangered species of migratory birds in the Pulicat Beach. The Pulicat Beach presents a colorful and lively picture with many different types of aquatic and terrestrial animals that adds to the attraction of the place.


A doorway to the sacred island of Rameswaram, Mandapam is a quiet and beautiful sea beach in the Remnad district of Tamil Nadu. Once a ruling ground of British personnel, the place today attracts huge number of visitors from all over the world. Connoting a hall in Tamil, Mandapam is characterized by natural coral reefs.

With a splashing sea shore, the place is just perfect for spending a sun-tanned vacation under the tranquil sheds of coconut trees. The nearby islands that enhance the aesthetics of the contour of Mandapam can be easily explored via this beach.

The thrilling boat ride is one of the prime attractions of Mandapam that is frequently used by the travelers. Surfing through the waves of the otherwise calm sea, tourists get a taste of the life of rural fishing communities that live in the island.

Kurusadai Islands

Kurusadai Islands is the haven of rare and near extinct species of marine sphere. A favorite exploration spot of marine specialists and aquatic researchers, the Islands has a global recognition for its unique coral reefs. With proper approval of the fisheries department the place can be visited by general people.

Found near the borders of Mandapam, Kurusadai Islands offer a visual delight to tourists who can watch the dolphins and sea-cows diving freely in the Gulf of Mannar. What distinguishes the place from other neighboring Islands is its exclusive wealth of atypical balanoglossus organism which is one of most precious living fossils available in the aqua biosphere of earth.

Sea anemone is another interesting asset of the Islands which takes the shape of an amoeba the moment it is touched or disturbed otherwise. The infinite range of sea weeds, multi-hued reefs and sea grasses spread over the shallow bed of the sparkling water brightens up the entire ambience of the place. From shades of violet to red, the raised coral reefs of the Islands are not only a special attraction of the place but also chart high on the list of marine biologists.


The "Muttukkadu" Beach of Tamil Nadu is one of the most exciting and thrilling tourist destination of India. Amidst the picturesque landscape of the place, the Muttukkadu beach is known for the calm and serene backwater of the sea and the natural estuary which adds to the beauty of the place. The natural scenic beauty of the place captures the imagination of a poet. The backwaters provides an excellent view of the sunrise and sunset which attracts many local tourists as well.

The Muttukkadu Beach offers the tourist with a wide range of leisure time activities. The rich aquatic life of the sea along with the historicity of the place is very appealing to the tourist. The beach resort of Muttukkadu reminds one of the legendary city of "Kaveripoompattinam" which was submerged under the sea . The new town of Muttukkadu is modeled after the informations in the Tamil literary creation of "Silapathikaram".

Apart from enjoying nature at its best, the tourist can enjoy an exciting boat ride on the backwater of Muttukkadu. For those tourists who love adventures, the place offers an excellent opportunity to go for fishing and wind surfing. The place attracts many foreign tourist as well who love to have sun bath in the sandy beaches of the place.


The present city of Poompuhar bear resemblance to the legendary city of "Kaveripoompattinam" which was believed to be submerged under sea water. The city of Poompuhar reminds us of the rich cultural history of the ancient times. The city has been the cradle of civilization of many valiant and great dynasties, the most important of which is the Chola Dynasty that ruled over this part of South India for a considerable time period.

The ancient city of Poompuhar is one of the major place of tourist interest. The enchanting sea side and the golden sandy beach of Poompuhar makes the place a "Paradise" of nature lovers. One can experience the beautiful sun rise and sun set at the beach of Poompuhar that casts a hypnotic spell on the tourist. The crystal clear water of the river Kaveri and the tall coconut trees bordering the river gives a divine look to the place.

The city of Poompuhar is famous for the numerous sculptures, temples and monuments which reflects the rich architectural history of the ancient times. The city is adorned with marvelous and splendid buildings that portrays the artistic skills of the Chola dynasty. The giant building of Sillappathikaram Art Gallery houses many important artifacts of the golden era of the region. The Zion Church, Town Gate, Danish Fort and Danish Governor Bunglow have been built on the lines of the Danish architectural style which adds to the glory of the city.


Popularly known as Mahabalipuram, the beach of Mamallapuram captivates every tourist with its aesthetic and appealing beauty, and the rich cultural historicity. The small city of Mamallapuram which is at a distance of sixty kilometers from the capital city of Chennai bears resemblance to the rich cultural and traditional history of the ancient times. This ancient city was the cradle of civilization of the Pallava Dynasty and had served as an important port of that period.

The beach of Mamallapuram offers an exotic and enchanting view of nature that fills the tourist with a sense of pleasure and wonder. The blue sea coupled with the golden sandy beach of the place adds to the beauty of the place. The sun rise and the sun set at the beach of Mamallapuram offers one with the most enchanting view of nature. The city of Mamallapuram has numerous sculptures, Caves and temples which portrays the rich architectural and artistic skills of the people of the by gone days which have been modeled after the Dravidian architectural style.


Situated near the exotic beach resort of the Muttukkadu Beach, the Dakhinachitra boasts of the rich cultural and historical heritage of the past. The Dakhinachitra Beach is located at a distance of less than a kilometer from the famous Muttukkadu Beach. The beach of Dakhinachitra attracts many Indian and Foreign tourist because of its scenic beauty. The Dakhinachitra Beach is one of the place to display the cultural heritage of South India. The Government of Tamil Nadu has taken special care to beautify the Dakhinachitra Beach where one can experiment and explore the various facets of the past tradition of South India.

The Dakhinachitra Beach is an ideal place to spend holidays with family and friends. The beach of Dakhinachitra offers an excellent opportunity for sun bath which is very common among the foreigners. The crystal clear blue backwater of Bay of Bengal gives a serene look to the entire region. One can experience the sun rise and sun set from the beach of Dakhinachitra that fills the visitors with a wonderful sense of pleasure and excitement.


A solitary beach on the Bay of Bengal, Tiruchendur receives a huge number of footfalls round the year from every corner of the globe. Being the sacred land of mythical deities, the place is famous for the temple of holy God Subramanya. Tiruchendur is adjacent to Kanyakumari and Tirunelveli.

The ancient archives prove the existence of the place on the southernmost corner of Tamil Nadu. Being inhabited by many famous rulers of the past, Tiruchendur, today, is a classic example of the historic temple architecture of the old India.

Housing one of the six abodes of Murugan, also known as aarupadai veedus, the place is always bustling with hundreds of thousands of devotees who come to the Temple of Tiruchendur to offer their prayers and achieve the blessings of Lord Senthil Andavar. Originally made of the rock found in the place, the shrine now has been given a new look by replacing the rock layout by granite.


Situated at a distance of sixteen kilometers from Mamallapuram, the tiny hamlet of Sadurangapatinam offers one with the most enchanting and exotic view of nature. Inhabited mostly by fishermen, this village of Sadurangapatinam casts a magical spell on the tourist with its natural and scenic beauty which is very appealing to them. The region is very rich in flora and fauna which is another attraction of the village. The small village of fishermen bears resemblance to the rich cultural and architectural history of the by gone days.

One can experience the enthralling beauty of nature in this small village. The sun rise and the sun set offers one with an incredible view of the surrounding area. The rural life, coupled with the fascinating beauty of the place fills the tourist with a sense of utmost pleasure and excitement. The golden sandy beaches of the area turns into a chaotic market place as the fishermen sells their fishes to the tourist. However by evening the place once again regains it cool and composure, and gives the tourist an aesthetic feeling.


Situated on the north-eastern corner of Kanyakumari, Vattakottai is a solitary beach destination located in Tamil Nadu. Specially known for the 18th century citadel, the place is also called as the Vattakottai Fort. Bearing the imprints of past rulers, the granite Fort is the prime attraction of the place.

An asset of the Indian archeological department, Vattakottai Fort was once the dwelling ground of the Pandya rulers. With the fading streamline of a small river flowing by the side of the Fort, there are visible evidences of the existence of a canon in the ancient times. Protected by the 25-26 feet high surrounding walls, the Fort has an extension that touches the waters of the sea.

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Those who like to engross themselves in the peaceful ambience of a sea side destination, Vattakottai offers them plenty of options. A panoramic view of the entire place from the top of an ancient Fort is in itself a mesmerizing experience. Among others, the sunlit beach, the soft shed of coconut trees and a thrilling swimming alternative in the calm waters of the sea is bound to attract the attention of any global traveler.


Set in the Gulf of Mannar, Tuticorin is a well-known port city of global importance. Situated on the east-western side of international sea passage, the place has a separate identity for its pearl harvesting industry. Operational throughout the year, Tuticorin started its journey in 1868 as a small anchorage.

The exclusive port of South India that facilitates direct transportation of weekly containers to USA, Tuticorin enjoys adequate locational advantage.among the local cities, the place serves port services to Coimbatore, Madurai and Tirunelveli. Once a land of shipbuilding industries, the place today is one of the prominent port landmarks of Tamil Nadu.

An artificial shallow harbor, Tuticorin reaches beyond the 400 hectares of extensive area of protected water land. Suitable for different climatic conditions, the Tuticorin port strives to offer the best of storage, loading/unloading and transportation facilities to a diverse range of countries. Equipped with modern storage facilities, the place is well prepared to deliver port-related services to faraway countries like Europe and America.