Education in Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh education is one of those aspects of the state which is known as 'the land of the dawn lit mountains' that has accomplished numerous milestones and is continuing on its way of success. As a matter of fact, the very foundation of education in Arunachal Pradesh is laid on the able shoulders of some quality schools, dependable colleges and futuristic universities. These three assets have taken the level of education to another level.

The universities of Arunachal Pradesh have procured countless opportunities to the career-minded individuals to give their life a proper meaning and set very high goals for themselves. There is ample scope to perform research work there and pursue higher education. The ambiance that prevails there is extremely soothing and most importantly absolutely perfect for intense study. Not only locals, the universities of Arunachal Pradesh comprises of pupils from virtually all the nooks of the globe. The elite faculty consisting of highly qualified professors have taken it to their responsibility to provide appropriate guidance to the aspiring scholars.

If you happen to be domiciling in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, opting for a college will not pose a problem as this domain is jam-packed with recognized and reputed institutions which include various medical colleges, art colleges, engineering colleges, business schools, commerce colleges and the list goes on. These colleges have presented with an entirely new perspective that has worked tremendously in their favor.

The schools also constitute an integral and absolute indispensable fraction of education at Arunachal Pradesh. There is an abundance of schools that are affiliated to the CBSE, ICSE and other boards which should be given credit for preparing the base of the students.

Arunachal Pradesh Colleges

Arunachal Pradesh colleges are mainly affiliated to the two universities operating in the state namely North East Regional Institute of Science and Technology, Arunachal University or Rajiv Gandhi University. Many of them are run by the state government while some are run by private organizations.

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Most of the colleges at Arunachal Pradesh are recognized and funded by the University Grants Commission (UGC). The north eastern state hosts various colleges including engineering, polytechnic, medical, nursing, homeopathy, management colleges, etc.

The whole state can be classified into five divisions or districts depending on the colleges of Arunachal Pradesh that they house. They are Tirap, Kameng, Lohit, Itanagar, and East Siang. Lohit, Kameng and Tirap have colleges famous for distance education. The general colleges at Arunachal Pradesh as per the remaining two districts are listed below :District or Division

Name of the College

Type of College

East Siang

Health Training and Research Center

Nursing College


North East Regional Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital

Homeopathic Medical College


Ramakrishna Mission Hospital

Nursing College

Though the colleges in Arunachal Pradesh are developing, they have all the basic facilities such as hostels, libraries, laboratories including computer laboratory, sports and recreational facilities, etc. The speed with which Arunachal Pradesh colleges are progressing, the day is not far when they would leave their impression all over the globe.

Arunachal University

Arunachal University is also known as Rajiv Gandhi University. The university aims at spreading such knowledge through various training, research and education which could help in the development of the culture and the socio economic conditions of not only the state but of the whole country. Of late the Arunachal University, has been spreading its wings of education in the nearby states of Assam mainly in the Post graduate programs.

The University of Arunachal Pradesh is situated in a small town of Doimukh which is only 50 kilometers away from the state capital Itanagar. The exact place where the main campus of the university is located is a tableland and is known as Rono Hills. The place has a beautiful scenery with the backdrop of Nirjuli Valley. The serene nature of the place makes the learning process more smoother.

Arunachal University in Itanagar offers graduation in the following programs :

Out of the total seats in the University of Arunachal in Itanagar, 80% of them are reserved for scheduled tribes in Arunachal Pradesh while the 20% are left for the general category. Children of the employees of Arunachal University are offered an extra seat in each course.

Arunachal University has hostel facilities for both boys and girls separately. There is a single boys hostel with a capacity of accommodating 120 members whereas for girls there are three female quarters with each of them having a capacity of accommodating 45 girl students.

Arunachal Pradesh schools

Arunachal Pradesh schools include schools that belong to the Arunachal State Board of Secondary Schools, Central Board of Secondary Education and a school affiliated to the Indian Certificate of Secondary School as well. There is also a wide network of primary, middle and secondary schools in Arunachal Pradesh that are maintained by the education department of the state.

Primary, Middle and Secondary Arunachal Pradesh Schools

Arunachal Pradesh schools feature a combination of primary, middle level and secondary schools. There are many higher secondary schools as well. The primary schools of Arunachal Pradesh play a very important role in maintaining the high literacy rate of the state. Arunachal Pradesh schools are distributed across the most remote tribal areas of the state. There are about 1300 primary schools, well above 300 middle schools and as many as 103 high schools. The total number of higher secondary schools at Arunachal Pradesh is 68.

Some Major Arunachal Pradesh Schools

Most famous schools in India have their branch operating in Sikkim. They include central institutes of education, like the Kendriya Vidyalaya, as well as missionary schools like the Ramakrishna Mission and the Don Bosco. Some of the most sought after schools at Arunachal Pradesh are the Government Secondary schools and Higher Secondary schools, located at all the districts of the state. There are two branches of the Ramakrishna Mission, at West Siang and Tirap. There is also a girls school of the same group at Khonsa in Tirap district. The Donyi Polo mission schools at Papum Pare are also widely popular. There are a couple of army schools and also many branches of Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalayas.


Arunachal Pradesh Universities are known for the quality of knowledge and research they offer to their students through a well developed infrastructure. Most of the universities offer advanced studied with the help of the modern technologies that they have established in their campus.

The universities of Arunachal Pradesh do not discriminate among their students on the basis of sex, caste, creed, etc. As per the University Grants Commission(UGC) report of 2002-03, out of the total admissions into the universities at Arunachal Pradesh which was estimated around 5439, 1577 were girls. Though the girls have a small population in the total enrollments, but the literacy rate of girls is higher then the boys. As per the eleventh Census of India, 51.5% is the male literacy rate in Arunachal Pradesh.

Over all there are two main universities in Arunachal Pradesh. Their names along with the address of their main campus and other details are listed below :

Rono Hills, Itanagar - 791112.

One of the famous Arunachal Pradesh universities, it is funded by the University Grants Commission. For further inquiry on this university, you can call up the Registrar of the University at the following number :


Nirjuli Valley, Itanagar - 791109.

This is a deemed university and is recognized by the University Grants Commission. For further details, you can ring up the University Registrar at the following number : +91-360-2257446.

Engineering Colleges

Arunachal Pradesh engineering colleges offer top quality education in the technology and engineering field. They are well equipped with all the modern technologies and provide their students with well developed and research courses.

The most prominent of all Arunachal Pradesh engineering colleges is North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST). The university has a specialty of offering education in an unique way.

North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST)

The university is a deemed university. It's foundation stone was laid in the year 1984 but the academics started from 1986. The university is proud of its exquisite location amidst the backdrop of Arunachal's natural vegetation at Nirjuli in the Papum Pare district of Arunachal Pradesh and is only 19 kilometers away from Itanagar.

NERIST of Arunachal Pradesh offers B.E., B.Tech., Ph.D. in the following fields :

Apart from the above, NERIST at Arunachal Pradesh extends courses in the following departments also:

The courses at NERIST in Arunachal Pradesh has been classified into three individual modules of two years each. The three modules are named Certificate, Diploma and Degree. Students have to undergo an entrance examination at NERIST to take admissions there. The exams are conducted in the last week of May or first week of June every year. Three different exams are conducted for three different modules viz., NEE-I for enrolling in certificate module, NEE-II for Diploma module and NEE-III for degree module.

Facilities at North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST)

The deemed university of Arunachal Pradesh offers the following facilities to its students :

Apart from the above, the NERSIT campus houses a branch of the State Bank of India, NERSIT health unit, Sub Post Office with speed post facility, Co-operative medical store, a police out post, etc. for the help of the students.

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Research Institutes

Arunachal Pradesh research institutes are the organizations that are powered to organize research work. They are permitted to carry out both applied research and basic research. Research institutes researches on any subject - history, geography, applied science, social sciences, etc.

Profile of the Arunachal Pradesh research institutes

The only research institute at Arunachal Pradesh is State Forest Research Institute. The main aim of this institute is to facilitate research and development of the forests so as to generate more knowledge on biodiversity and spread it among all.

The research institute of Arunachal Pradesh i.e., State Forest Research Institute was set up in the year 1993 at the capital complex in Itanagar by merging Van Vigyan Kendra and Orchid Research and Development Center. The research institute is under the governance of the Arunachal Pradesh Government's Department of Environment and Forests.

The research at the research institute in Arunachal Pradesh has been classified into seven broad groups. They are as follows :

The facilities provided by the Arunachal Pradesh research institutes to their research scholars are listed below :