Bihar Education

Education is the heart and blood for one's culture. It is only education which helps in the total growth of a person. All the developed communities of the world have a strong educational background. But the state Bihar shows a very low performance in this point.

It is dates back, when Bihar was recognized as the godfather of education. It was the birth place of two principle universities, Nalanda and Vikramshila. The educational infrastructure and methods of the Bihar education was of a very high quality. But the present condition of Bihar education is very depressing.

Presently, Bihar education ranks lowest in the literacy rate among the Indian cities. Patna holds the highest literacy rate in Bihar with 63.82%, Kishangang ranks the lowest with 31.02%. This is because the educational institutes are not of a good quality. As a result a lots are needed to be done so that the education scenario in Bihar can be developed.

It is a fact that prosperity would not come without education. So the present condition have to be improved. Of late, the central Government as well as the state Government have taken lots of projects in hand to restore the prevailing condition of the Bihar education. The concept of development regarding education would not be fulfilled without the introduction of specialized courses in the field of science and technology. Thus, special attention has been given to this field by the Government.

It is expected that Bihar education will come up with flying colors within a few years.

Universities in Bihar

Dates back, Bihar was used to be recognized as the godfather of education in India. Bihar is crowned with the honor of holding two major universities Nalanda University and Vikramshila University on its land. Among the Bihar universities, the Patna University is one of the oldest University of India.

The history of education in India upholds Bihar as one of the towering states of India which conceptualized the need for education in ancient India. It was the earnest quest for knowledge that gave birth to the above mentioned Bihar universities which are the two oldest universities of India. In ancient times these two Bihar universities used to draw students from various distant places.

Presently Bihar the state has a large number of universities who come up with varies courses to cater students from all over India. Among the Bihar universities the Patna University is the 7th oldest university of India. With the growing need for education this university came into existence in the year 1917. Eventually, one after another universities started to emerge in Bihar thereafter to meet the need for education.

Following here is a list of Bihar Universities:

Engineering colleges in Bihar

A plenty of courses have been introduced in the field of engineering. So, presently there are lot of scopes for entering into a course of engineering. The Bihar engineering colleges offer you a variety of courses which will surely open a new genre of education to you.

The Bihar engineering colleges can satisfy one's need for education through the courses they offer. The Bihar engineering colleges have included a variety of courses in their concerns.

A list of engineering colleges of Bihar along with their courses is given below:

P.O. Sabour

Bhagalpur- 813210

Courses offered:

Islamia Nagar, Shurapur

P.O. And Distt. Siwan- 841226

Courses offered:

P.O. Brahampura, Muzaffarpur- 842003

Courses offered:

Patna Bihar-800005

Courses offered:

Navodya Complex

Kameshwarnagar, Darbhanga- 846004

Courses offered:

Patna- 800005

Courses offered:

Neoragang, Neora

Patna- 800002

Courses offered:

Hatia Ranchi 834003 Bihar

Courses offered:

Danapur, Patna- 801503

Courses offered:

Schools in Bihar

How advanced is Bihar in the field of education?

The state of Bihar is one of the major hubs of learning in the country of India. Since long back, this state has been a center of education. Still presently, a huge gap got created in between the demand of education and supply. This gap between the school education and higher education has brought the literacy rate of the state a bit down. This signifies the importance of establishment of more schools in the field of higher education.

Schooling System of Bihar

Bihar's schooling system is somewhat same as it was during the British era. The state houses innumerable schools ranging from government to private. Acting as essential seats of learning, these schools are known for their contribution in the field of education. State schools affiliated to the Bihar School Examination Board are administered by the government of Bihar. District Schools, even known as the Zila Schools are a part of the schooling system in Bihar. These Zila schools are generally located at the older district headquarters of the state. The type of the schools even varies depending upon the board, which they are affiliated to. Presently, many Bihar schools are affiliated to C. B. S. E. (Central Board of Secondary Education) and C. I. C. S. E. (Council for Indian School Certificate Examination).

How many schools are there in Bihar?

After the liberalization period, the number of missionary as well as Madrasa schools has increased. The chain of Christian missionary schools are said to be some of the best schools of Bihar. Apart from the types of schools mentioned earlier, the different kinds of schools in the state of Bihar are as follows:

Let us have a quick look at the total number of schools in different categories:
Famous schools of Bihar

Besides the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya and Kendriya Vidyalaya situated in different parts of the state, the renowned schools of Bihar can be mainly divided into the following major heads:

The below mentioned table shows the name of some of the famous government schools of Bihar:

Sl. No. Name of school Address

1 Acharya Narender Deo Public School Khalpura via Gultainganj Saran, Chapra - 841 211, Bihar, India.

2 Assembly of God Church School Bettiah, West Champaran - 845 438, Bihar, India.

3 Adwaita Mission High School P. O. Mandar Vidyapath, Dist. Banka - 813 104, Bihar, India.

4 B. D. Public School Buddha Colony, Patna - 800 001, Bihar, India.

5 Bal Vidya Niketan School Raja Bazar, Patel Nager, Dist. Jehanabad - 804 008, Bihar, India.

6 Bal Mandir Secondary School Khalpura via Gultainganj Saran, Chapra - 841 211, Bihar, India.

7 Bal Vikas Vidyalaya Shershah Roza Path, Rohtas Sasaram - 821 115, Bihar, India.

8 Balika Vidyapeeth Lakhi Sarai Dist. Munger - 811 311, Bihar, India.

9 Baldwin Academy West Boring Canal Road, Patna-800 001, Bihar, India.

10 Campus Public School R. A. U. Pusa, Samastipur - 848 125, Bihar, India.

11 Carmel School P. O. Box No. 2, Barari Road, Bhagalpur - 812 003, Bihar, India.

12 Chandrasheel Vidyapeeth Kanti, Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India.

13 Central Public School Tajpur Road, Samastipur - 848 101, Bihar, India.

14 Chapra Central School Dak Bungalow Road, Chapra - 841 301, Bihar, India.

15 Creane Memorial High School Katari Hill Road, Gaya - 823 001, Bihar, India.

16 Christ Church High School Congress Maidan, Kadamkuan, Patna - 800 003, Bihar, India.

17 Delhi Model Public School F. 169, Peoples' Co-operative Colony, Kankarbagh, Patna - 800 020, Bihar, India.

18 Don Bosco Academy P. O. Digha Ghat, Patna - 800 011, Bihar, India. And 152, Pataliputra Colony, Patna - 800 013, Bihar, India.

19 Delhi Public School Village Lodipur, Chandmari Police Station, Shahpur, Dist. Patna - 801 502, Bihar, India. And Kashi Palace, New Dak Bungalow Road, Patna - 800 001, Bihar, India.

20 Eklavya Education Complex P. O. Palanga, Suitha, via Punpun Dist. Patna - 804 453, Bihar, India.

21 East & West High School Bela, Near Neora, Dist. Patna, Bihar, India.

22 Ganpat Rai Solarpuria Sarusarth Vidya Mandir, Nargokothi Champa Nagar, Bhagalpur - 312 004, Bihar, India.

23 Green Field English School New Area, Bisar, Dist. Gaya - 823 001, Bihar, India.

24 Gems English School Dehri-On-Sone, Rohtas - 821 307, Bihar, India.

25 Gyan Bharti Public School Laxmi Nagar, Dist. Darbhanga - 846 009, Bihar, India.

26 Gyan Niketan Vitthal Vihar Complex, Near Gola Road, Danapur Cantt. Patna - 801 503, Bihar, India.


To gather the names of some of the popular C. B. S. E. schools of the state of Bihar, refer to the table given below:

Few names of the renowned I. C. S. E. schools in Bihar are mentioned in the following table:

Sl. No. Name of school Address

Are these schools well equipped?

A perfect learning environment necessitates appropriate infrastructure along with the required educational equipments. An analysis of the different schools in Bihar reflects that, on an average, the primary schools have got 2 classrooms and the upper primary ones have got 4 classrooms. Some of the primary schools are even featured with single classroom. However, the percentage of schools having permanent building is quite high. Around 6.8 % of the Bihar schools are managed by one teacher. Though very few in number, but some of these schools even offer computer education. As per D. I. S. E. report, elementary classes are held for physically challenged or disabled children. All the schools have got facilities for drinking water. Some of the schools even serve mid-day meals.

Medical Colleges in Bihar

The study of medical science has received a boom with the introduction of latest technologies and courses. There are numerable colleges in India who provide education on medical sciences.

Presently a very big community of students are opting for medical studies. The urge for studying medical science has given birth to a number of institutions and courses regarding medical science in Bihar Medical Colleges. Students from different states shift their base to Bihar every year to pursue their studies in Bihar Medical Colleges.

Here is a list of some of the Bihar Medical Colleges:

The Bihar Medical Colleges are having modern infrastructures and their modernized course curriculum undoubtedly help to attract the potential students from inside and outside of the state.

The highly promising medical courses of Bihar Medical Colleges have become successful in alluring students not only from its own soil but also fr

Dental Colleges in Bihar

Lots of prospects and higher study options are there for you at Bihar dental colleges. If you have interest on dentistry science then this page will be much valuable to you in providing news about various Bihar dental colleges.

Students at large are going outside their states as well as abroad to pursue a good career of their choice. With the advancement of science and technology students have become more keen to know about different courses and are looking forward to opt for career options that will suit their criteria as well as will be fruitful in near future.

For the students who are willing to continue their higher education in medical science especially in dental science then dental colleges of Bihar are good options for them to give a thought on it. There may be lots of questions on the part of the student community to know what are the colleges and institutes that have courses on dental studies in Bihar. Even students are surely willing to know the courses that the Bihar dental colleges offer.

Following is a quick checklist for you to know about the Bihar dental colleges:

New Bailey Road, West of Kanal

Patna- 801503 (Bihar)

Course: BDS

Mir Gheyas Chak

Millat College West Road

Darbhanga- 846004 (Bihar)

Course: BDS



Patna- 800020 (Bihar)

Course: BDS

Samastipur Road

Mansukh Nagar (Ekmighat)

Loheriasarai, Darbhanga (Bihar)

Course: BDS

Hospital Road

Laheri Sarai

Darbhanga (Bihar)

Course: BDS

Behera- 847201 (Bihar)

Course: BDS

Ashok Raj Path

P.O.- Bankipur

Patna- 800004 (Bihar)

Course: BDS, MDS (Prosthodontics)

The revised and improved curriculum of these colleges have enabled to bring large number of students in Bihar dental colleges.

Bihar School Examination Board

The school examination boards are mainly established for scheduling date and time for conducting the final examinations of the secondary school stages. Thus, the school examination boards are having a highly prestigious job to perform. Same is the purpose of the Bihar School Examination Board.

School examination board plays a vital role in holding examination schedules and preparing proper curriculum for a course. Thus, this board has a great responsibility in prescribing a standard syllabus and in preparing a proper set of questions for examinations. Even the credit of introducing new syllabus or applications for a course also goes to the school examination boards.

The School Examination Board in Bihar holds the examinations of the Bihar Secondary School Stage every year. They are in one sense the Godfather of all the schools as it is the board which regulates the whole examination system. According to the Acts and Regulations of the board, they are assigned to prepare the study materials and course curriculum for the schools who come under this board. Even other promotional activities regarding study materials and objectives are also performed by the Bihar School Examination Board.

The Bihar School Examination Board conducts its Secondary School Examination during the months of February-March every year. The supplementary school examinations are also being conducted by the Bihar School Examination Board during August-September.

Other than this, Bihar School Examination Board also performs some extended works in conducting examinations for various departments. These exams are not taken on yearly basis. Such courses include Certificate course in Physical Education, Diploma in Physical Education, Teacher's Training Examination. However, these examinations are taken by the Bihar School Examination Board on the basis of some terms and conditions given by the State Government.