Std Code Of Uttar Pradesh

STD Details
Location State
AchhneraUttar Pradesh
AgraUttar Pradesh
AkbarpurUttar Pradesh
Akbarpur-iUttar Pradesh
Akbarpur-iiUttar Pradesh
AliganjUttar Pradesh
AligarhUttar Pradesh
AllahabadUttar Pradesh
AmethiUttar Pradesh
AmrohaUttar Pradesh
Anola-iUttar Pradesh
Anola-iiUttar Pradesh
AtrauliUttar Pradesh
AuraiyaUttar Pradesh
AzamgarhUttar Pradesh
BaberuUttar Pradesh
BadaunUttar Pradesh
Baghpat-iiUttar Pradesh
BaheriUttar Pradesh
Bahraich-iUttar Pradesh
Bahraich-iiUttar Pradesh
Ballia-iUttar Pradesh
Ballia-iiUttar Pradesh
Balrampur-iUttar Pradesh
Balrampur-iiUttar Pradesh
BandaUttar Pradesh
BansdeehUttar Pradesh
Bansgaon-iUttar Pradesh
Bansgaon-iiUttar Pradesh
BansiUttar Pradesh
BarabankiUttar Pradesh
BareillyUttar Pradesh
BastiUttar Pradesh
BhadohiUttar Pradesh
BharthanaUttar Pradesh
BharwariUttar Pradesh
BhogaonUttar Pradesh
BhognipurUttar Pradesh
BidhunaUttar Pradesh
Bijnore-iUttar Pradesh
Bijnore-iiUttar Pradesh
BikapurUttar Pradesh
BilariUttar Pradesh
Bilgram-iUttar Pradesh
Bilgram-iiUttar Pradesh
BilhaurUttar Pradesh
BindkiUttar Pradesh
BisalpurUttar Pradesh
BisauliUttar Pradesh
BiswanUttar Pradesh
BudhanaUttar Pradesh
BulandshaharUttar Pradesh
Capianganj-iiUttar Pradesh
Captanganj-iUttar Pradesh
ChakiaUttar Pradesh
ChandauliUttar Pradesh
CharkhariUttar Pradesh
ChhataUttar Pradesh
ChhibramauUttar Pradesh
ChirgaonUttar Pradesh
ChunurUttar Pradesh
Dalmau-iUttar Pradesh
Dalmau-iiUttar Pradesh
DataganjUttar Pradesh
DebaiUttar Pradesh
DeobandUttar Pradesh
DeoriaUttar Pradesh
DerapurUttar Pradesh
DhampurUttar Pradesh
DomariyaganjUttar Pradesh
Dudhi-iUttar Pradesh
Dudhi-iiUttar Pradesh
EtahUttar Pradesh
EtawahUttar Pradesh
FaizabadUttar Pradesh
FarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Fatehpur-iUttar Pradesh
Fatehpur-iiUttar Pradesh
FerozabadUttar Pradesh
GarauthUttar Pradesh
GarhmukteshwarUttar Pradesh
GhatampurUttar Pradesh
Ghaziabad+dadriUttar Pradesh
GhazipurUttar Pradesh
GhosiUttar Pradesh
GondaUttar Pradesh
GorakhpurUttar Pradesh
GunnaurUttar Pradesh
HaidergarhUttar Pradesh
HamirpurUttar Pradesh
HapurUttar Pradesh
Hardoi-iUttar Pradesh
Hardoi-iiUttar Pradesh
HarraiyaUttar Pradesh
HasanganjUttar Pradesh
HasanpurUttar Pradesh
HathrasUttar Pradesh
JalalabadUttar Pradesh
JalaunUttar Pradesh
JalesarUttar Pradesh
JansathUttar Pradesh
JararUttar Pradesh
JasranaUttar Pradesh
JaunpurUttar Pradesh
JhansiUttar Pradesh
KadipurUttar Pradesh
KaimganjUttar Pradesh
KairanaUttar Pradesh
Kaisarganj-iUttar Pradesh
Kaisarganj-iiUttar Pradesh
KalpiUttar Pradesh
KannaujUttar Pradesh
KanpurUttar Pradesh
KarchhanaUttar Pradesh
KarhalUttar Pradesh
Karvi-iUttar Pradesh
Karvi-iiUttar Pradesh
KasganjUttar Pradesh
KerakatUttar Pradesh
KhagaUttar Pradesh
KhairUttar Pradesh
Khalilabad-iUttar Pradesh
Khalilabad-iiUttar Pradesh
KhatauliUttar Pradesh
Kheri-iUttar Pradesh
Kheri-iiUttar Pradesh
KhurjaUttar Pradesh
KonchUttar Pradesh
KundaUttar Pradesh
LalganjUttar Pradesh
Lalitpur-iUttar Pradesh
Lalitpur-iiUttar Pradesh
LucknowUttar Pradesh
MachlishaharUttar Pradesh
MaharajganjUttar Pradesh
MahobaUttar Pradesh
MainpuriUttar Pradesh
MalihabadUttar Pradesh
MariyahuUttar Pradesh
MathUttar Pradesh
MathuraUttar Pradesh
MauUttar Pradesh
MaudahaUttar Pradesh
MaunathbhanjanUttar Pradesh
MauranipurUttar Pradesh
MawanaUttar Pradesh
MeerutUttar Pradesh
MehraunUttar Pradesh
MejaUttar Pradesh
Mirzapur-iUttar Pradesh
Mirzapur-iiUttar Pradesh
Misrikh-iUttar Pradesh
Misrikh-iiUttar Pradesh
ModinagarUttar Pradesh
MohamdabadUttar Pradesh
Mohamdi-iUttar Pradesh
Mohamdi-iiUttar Pradesh
MoradabadUttar Pradesh
MusafirkhanaUttar Pradesh
MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
NaginaUttar Pradesh
NajibabadUttar Pradesh
NakurUttar Pradesh
Nanpara-iUttar Pradesh
Nanpara-iiUttar Pradesh
NarainiUttar Pradesh
Naugarh-iUttar Pradesh
Naugarh-iiUttar Pradesh
NawabganjUttar Pradesh
Nighasan-iUttar Pradesh
Nighasan-iiUttar Pradesh
Nighasan-iiiUttar Pradesh
OraiUttar Pradesh
PadraunaUttar Pradesh
PahasuUttar Pradesh
PattiUttar Pradesh
Pharenda-iUttar Pradesh
Pharenda-iiUttar Pradesh
PhoolpurUttar Pradesh
Phulpur-iUttar Pradesh
Phulpur-iiUttar Pradesh
PilibhitUttar Pradesh
PitamberpurUttar Pradesh
PowayanUttar Pradesh
PratapgarhUttar Pradesh
PuranpurUttar Pradesh
PurwaUttar Pradesh
RaibareliUttar Pradesh
RampurUttar Pradesh
Ramsanehi-ghatUttar Pradesh
RasaraUttar Pradesh
RathUttar Pradesh
Robertsganj-iUttar Pradesh
Robertsganj-iiUttar Pradesh
SadabadUttar Pradesh
SafipurUttar Pradesh
SagriUttar Pradesh
SaharanpurUttar Pradesh
SahaswanUttar Pradesh
SahjahanpurUttar Pradesh
SaidpurUttar Pradesh
Salempur-iUttar Pradesh
Salempur-iiUttar Pradesh
Salon-iUttar Pradesh
Salon-iiUttar Pradesh
SambhalUttar Pradesh
SandilaUttar Pradesh
SardhanaUttar Pradesh
ShahabadUttar Pradesh
ShahganjUttar Pradesh
ShikohabadUttar Pradesh
SidhauliUttar Pradesh
Sikandra-raoUttar Pradesh
SikandrabadUttar Pradesh
SitapurUttar Pradesh
SiyanaUttar Pradesh
SoraonUttar Pradesh
SultanpurUttar Pradesh
Tanda-iUttar Pradesh
Tanda-iiUttar Pradesh
Tarabganj-iUttar Pradesh
Tarabganj-iiUttar Pradesh
TilharUttar Pradesh
UnnaoUttar Pradesh
UtraulaUttar Pradesh
VaranasiUttar Pradesh
ZamaniaUttar Pradesh
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