P Harikrishna Biography

Pentala Harikrishna or P Harikrishna, as he is popularly known as, is a renowned chess player who has made India proud, time and again. Born on May 10, 1986, at Vinjanam Padu in Prakasam District of Andhra Pradesh, P Harikrishna also became the youngest Indian Super Grandmaster in 2001.

P Harikrishna first showed his talent and interest in the game of chess at an early age. He observed his father played and grandfather playing the game of chess with keen interest. The young wonder was just 3 years of age at that time. By the age of 5, he had already won gold medal in the under-8 State Championship. Success followed the wonder boy continuously and each year P Harikrishna won 10 to 15 tournaments with great performance.

P Harikrishna was the first Indian to have won the under-10 World Chess Championship in Menorca, Spain in the year 1996. He became the second Indian to be graced as the Junior World Chess Champion in 2004.

Throughout his illustrious career, the chess maestro P Harikrishna has won accolades in the national as well as international arena. In the recent times, the year 2005 saw him winning gold in tournaments like Bermuda International in Bermuda, Taiyuan Sanjin International in China and Essent Chess Tournament in Netherlands. He also made India proud with his majestic feat in Iceland, where in the Reykjavik Open he won gold. At present, Grandmaster P Harikrishna ranks second among the top chess players of India.