Meghnad Saha Biography

Famous Indian astro-physicist, Meghnad Saha was born on 6 October, 1893 in a tiny hamlet near Dhaka in Bangladesh.

A student of the prestigious Presidency College, he was a professor at Allahabad University from 1923 to 1938 and after that a Dean of the Faculty of Science at the University of Calcutta in West Bengal. He became a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1927 and was the President of the 21st session of the Indian Science Congress in 1934.

Born to poor parents, he toiled very hard to rise in life. He is known for his invention of an instrument to measure the weight and pressure of solar rays and gave the famous equation which he called 'equation of the reaction - isobar for ionization'.

Later it was popularly referred to as Saha's "Thermo-Ionization Equation", or the Saha Equation.

The Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics founded in 1943 in Kolkata is dedicated to this legendary astrophysicist. Besides, he prepared the original plan for the Damodar Valley Project. He passed away on 16 February 1956.