Movies or a motion picture are a form of art and entertainment for the common masses.

Motion picture or movies traces back its origin in the early part of 1860s but till the late 19th century, there were only silent films. From the early part of of 20th century, a number of new techniques were applied to give life & realism to movies. New technologies enabled the film directors to introduce sound effect in movies and such movies were renamed as talkies or talking pictures. In the United States, Hollywood, the world renowned film industry was established.

In India, the first soundless feature film Harishchandra was produced in Hindi by Dadasaheb Phalke in 1913. Alam Ara directed by Ardeshir Irani was the first Indian talkie produced in 1931. At present, the Indian film industry has become one of the largest entertainment industries of the world with the production of over 900 films by different regional cinema industries per year. Some of the popular and notable regional film industries of India are Hindi or Bollywood, Bengali, Marathi, Kannad, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam to name a few.

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