Uttarakhand Society

Uttarakhand society implies the lifestyle and the customs and traditions of Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand society is an extension of the cultural pattern of Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand society is a heterogeneous mixture of the various ethnic groups from the Kumaon and Garhwal regions. Most of the people belonging to the Uttarakhand society are heterodox Hindus and Buddhists; while we also come across a number of Sikhs, who have migrated from West Punjab and settled in Uttarakhand since 1947.

The languages spoken by the people of Uttarakhand are basically Hindi, Garhwali and Kumaoni.

Some of the ethnic groups and sub-groups comprising the Uttarakhand society are:

A deep analysis of the Uttarakhand society reveals that the native people of Uttarakhand had an agrarian-pastoral way of life, and they earned their living by cultivating the hilly tract.

Besides the ethnicity, another aspect of the Uttarakhand society is its fairs and festivals. Some of the major fairs and festivals of Uttarakhand are:

Further, Uttarakhand society is also marked for its folk dance and folk music, viz.:

Moreover, Uttarakhand is not untouched by modernism. Media, newspapers and the modern ways of education is a real evidence in the context.

Therefore, we can see that the Uttarakhand society is dynamic: it is progressing everyday with the progressing world.

Ethnicity of Uttarakhand

Religion in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand population is mainly comprised of Hindus thereby making Hinduism the most important religion. Hinduism is the largely widespread religion in Uttarakhand with around 72.12 lakh followers. Most of the Hindus can be traced in the inner Garhwals.

Another religion at Uttarakhand which has many followers is the Islam. You can trace large number of Muslims in Uttarakhand. Islam religion at Uttarakhand has 10.12 lakh followers which in comparison to Hindus is a small number but still is the second highest religion in Uttarakhand to be followed.

After Islam, Sikhism is the dominating religion in Uttarakhand with 2.12 lakh Sikhs adding to the population. Uttarakhand has many gurudwaras where the Sikhs offer prayers. Most of the Sikhs are situated in the Terrai region.

Sikhism is followed by Christianity as this religion at Uttarakhand has 27 thousand followers. Christians are very low in number at Uttarakhand as the place was not the dwellings of Britishers and hence Christianity could not spread much of its root into this state.

Uttarakhand's close proximity to Laddakh and other Himalayan areas has led down the way for Buddhism to spread its wing across the state. This religion of people at Uttarakhand has 13 thousand followers.

Next to Buddhism is Jainism, which has nine thousand followers. This religion of people in Uttarakhand in which they worship Lord Mahavira does not find too much fan following in the Himalayan state.