Expressways in India

A well developed network of roadways is a key factor in measuring growth of a country. The fact that India ranks third in the list of countries by road networks next only to United States and China, underlines the improving position of India globally. The rural roads, district roads, state highways, national highways and expressways together comprise the road network in a country. To be a truly developed country and to maintain that growth, it is very essential that the length of expressways, which are the best form of roads in a country, augment continuously.

Currently, expressways in India measure 600 kms approximately and work is on to add more to the number. If all goes according to the plans, around 18,637 kms more expressways will be added to the Indian Road Network by the year 2022. To ensure the same, the National Highway Authority of India (NHIA) has given contracts to leading infrastructural groups who in turn are working on these projects to the best of their abilities and helping the government to comply with the target's they have set. A separate department to take care of the project on Expressways in India is planned to be established. The proposed body is planned to be named National Expressways Authority of India (NEAI).

The access to these expressways is limited but not through tolls. The expressway may or may not have tolls. This is done with the aim to ensure smooth flow of heavy vehicles. Through the controlled access, it is made sure that the expressways are used for the purpose which motivated their construction. Several lanes on these expressways make sure that traffic flows smoothly.

Few of the successful expressways that have reduced the traffic woes of people in India include Ahmedabad-Vadodra Expressway (Gujarat) measuring 95 kms, Mumbai-Pune Expressway in Maharashtra (93 kms), Jaipur-Kishangarh Expressway in Rajasthan (90 kms), Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway (28 kms) among several others. Some of the Expressways awaiting completion include Western Freeway in Mumbai (25.33kms), Mumbai Nashik Expressway (150 km), Pathankot Ajmer Expressway, Yamuna Expressway, Hungund Hospet Expressway among others. A total of 2607.46 kms of expressways are under construction in India at the moment. Besides, there are plans to build the expressways between Mumbai and Vadodra, Bengaluru and Chennai and Kolkata and Dhanbad. The Uttar Pradesh Government alone is planning to build five new expressways in the state.