Nagaland District Maps

District Map of Nagaland
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*The Map showing all the Districts of the State Nagaland, India
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In order to ensure the better and smooth functioning of a state, it is divided into districts. Each district is appointed a district manager responsible for managing the district.

MapsofIndia brings you the information and maps of the districts in the state of Nagaland. These include Dimapur District Map, Kohima District Map, Mokokchung District Map, Mon District Map, Phek District Map, Tuensang District Map, Wokha District Map and Zunheboto District Map.

Nagaland is a state in the North - Eastern part of India. The state earlier having 8 districts is now divided into 11 districts.

Kohima District:

Kohima is the capital city of Nagaland. Dimarpur and Phek districts of Nagaland were earlier parts of Kohima district. The Kohima district shares border with Wokha to the North, Zunheboto and Phek to the East, Dimarpur to the West and Manipur to the South.

Dimarpur District:

It is referred to as the Gateway of Nagaland and Manipur. The district is surrounded by Kohima district on the south and east, Karbi Anglong district of Assam on the West, the Karbi Anglong and Golaghat District of Assam in the west and the north.

Mokokchung District:

Mokokchung district of Nagaland is surrounded by the state of Assam to its north, Wokha to its west, Tuensang to its east, and Zunheboto to its south.

Mon District:

One of the major districts of Nagaland, Mon District has Arunachal Pradesh to its north, Assam to its west, Myanmar to its east, Longleng District to its south-west and Tuensang District to its south.

Phek District:

The Phek District of Nagaland is bounded by the state of Manipur in the south, Kohima District in the west, districts of Zunheboto and Tuensangin the North and Myanmar in the east.

Tuensang District:

Tuensang is the largest district of Nagaland and it was among the three original districts of Nagaland out of which other districts were later carved out. It is surrounded by Mon in the north east, Longleng in the north, Mokokchung and Zunheboto in the west and Kiphire in the south.

Wokha District:

The district of Wokha is bounded by Kohima towards the south, Mokokchung towards the north, Assam towards the west and Zunheboto towards the east.

Zunheboto District:

This district of Nagaland is bordered by Mokokchung District on the east, Kohima District in the south and Wokha District on the west.

The three new districts of Nagaland are:

Kiphire District: Carved out of Tuensang District, Kiphire is the 9th district of Nagaland.

Longleng: Earlier a part of Tuensang district, Longleng is the 10th district of Nagaland.

Peren: The 11th district of Nagaland, Peren District is carved out of Kohima District of Nagaland.

The districts of Nagaland, one of the seven sisters that collectively form northeast India, are Tuensang, Longleng, Kohima, Zunheboto, Mokokchung, Dimapur, Mon, Wokha and Phek.

Tuensang is one of the districts at Nagaland. This district is situated in the eastern part of the state. It has got its name from a village located near the headquarters of the district.

The district of Longleng is bounded by Mon in the north, Tuensang in the south and Mokokchung in the west.

Kohima is the district in which the capital city of the state is located. This district is located in the southern part of the state at a height of 1444 meter above the level of the sea.

Zunheboto is one of the Nagaland districts. It is bordered by Wokha towards the west and Mokokchung towards the east.

This place is located in central region of Nagaland. This place is well known for the Sumis.

Mokokchung district is well reputed as the dwelling place of the ethnic group called the Ao Nagas.

Dimapur is one of the districts in Nagaland. It is bordered by Anglong towards the west and Kohima towards the east and the south.

Mon is closely associated with the Konyak Nagas, while Wokha is also well known for housing the ancient ethnic group of Lothas.

Phek district of Nagaland is located in the south-eastern region of the state. The name 'Phek' has been coined from the word ' Phekrekedze', which means 'watchtower'.

All the above districts of Nagaland have their unique socio-cultural identities, which are quite different from each other.

List of Districts in Nagaland

Sr. No. District District HQ Population (2011) Growth Sex Ratio Literacy Area (km2) Density (/km2)
1 Dimapur Dimapur 378811 0.00% 919 84.79 926 410
2 Kiphire Kiphire 74004 0.00% 956 69.54 1255 66
3 Kohima Kohima 267988 0.00% 928 85.23 1041 213
4 Longleng Longleng 50484 0.00% 905 72.17 885 89
5 Mokokchung Mokokchung 194622 0.00% 925 91.62 1615 120
6 Mon Mon 250260 0.00% 899 56.99 1786 145
7 Peren Peren 95219 0.00% 915 77.95 2300 55
8 Phek Phek 163418 0.00% 951 78.05 2026 81
9 Tuensang Tuensang 196596 0.00% 929 73.08 4228 98
10 Wokha Wokha 166343 0.00% 968 87.69 1628 120
11 Zunheboto Zunheboto 140757 0.00% 976 85.26 1255 112