Colleges and Institutes in Kerala

The state of Kerala has the literacy rate of about 91 percent, which is the highest literacy attained in comparison to any other Indian State. This was possible due to the utmost importance attached to Education. There are at present seven universities which have many affiliated colleges and educational institutions.

Under the Kerala University, Calicut, Mahatma Gandhi and Kannur Universities there are 186 Arts & Science Colleges, of which 38 are Government Colleges and 148 are in Private aided Sector. There are 140 Post Graduate Colleges in Kerala of which 20 are managed by Government and 120 are Private Colleges. Besides these, there is PG (post graduation) courses in Medical, Engineering and Agricultural colleges. There are also a large number of other private and government -owned educational organizations which offer various enlightening courses catering to the demands of varied careers.

Medical Colleges in Kerala

A career in the health sciences is compelling in Kerala with a large number of Government and Private Medical Colleges including Ayurveda, Homoeopathic and dental colleges. Especially Ayurveda medicinal treatments of Kerala have attracted world-wide attention because of its magical healing qualities. The colleges offering Medical studies in Kerala are -


(Ayurveda )


(Dental Colleges)

The large number of Polytechnics and other educational institutes and colleges offering various technical fields of technical education has resulted in the increase of individuals with high technological expertise. There has been all round development in the field of engineering, Information technology, Computer Applications and so on.

Computer Colleges in Kerala

MCA or Master in Computer Applications degree is offered in the following institutes of Kerala-

Kerala Engineering Colleges

Kerala Polytechnics

There are altogether 48 Polytechnics in the state including 7 Women's Polytechnics and 6 Polytechnics in Private Sector. Three year Diploma Course in 23 disciplines is offered in the various Polytechnics with an annual intake of about 9990 students. The courses offered are - Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Automobile, Computer, Chemical, Bio-Medicaland Tool and Die Engineering, Electronics and Communication, Electronics and Avionics, Textile, Polymer, Instrument, and Printing Technology, Wood and Paper Technology, Information Technology Architecture, Commercial Practice, Computer application ,Business Management and so on.

Post Diploma Courses are offered in Industrial Electronics, Television Engineering and Computer Application at Central Polytechnic in Thiruvananthapuram, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning and Computer Design at Government Polytechnic in Kalamaserry, Foundry Technology at Maharajas Technological Institute in Thrissur, and Applied Electronics in Institute of Printing Technology and Computer Application in Women's Polytechnic in Thrissur.

Law Colleges in Kerala

The Kerala Law Academy Law College (Kerala University),Thiruvananthapuram- This College is the first and the only law college in the private sector in the State. It was started in 1967 as an evening college to impart instruction for LLB course, and over the years, the college has grown to become one of the premier law colleges in the state. Other Law Colleges of Kerala are-

Management Colleges in Kerala

The different Management Colleges (private and non-private) in Kerala are-

Other Career/ Educational Institutes in Kerala

Apart from the educational institutions and colleges, there are also a plethora of other career institutes where diplomas and degrees in different courses are offered. These are -