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Hazaribagh Travel

Situated at a height of 2,019 feet above the sea level, this small health resort is a great hill destination in the Jharkhand district. The temperature here ranges from 41.1 degree Celsius in summers to 7 degree Celsius in the winters. The best time to visit is from October to April, when a lot of tourists throng the place. There are a number of tourist attractions here, which is why you see both national and international visitors in large numbers. Hazaribagh has become a prominent place in the state due to its coal mines and wildlife sanctuary. As Jharkhand is an important tourist state, Hazaribagh also enjoys the same status among visitors.

Places to visit

Some other attractive places are the Hazaribagh Lake, the Tilaiya Dam and the Konal Dam, which have beautiful scenery surrounding them and are famous as picnic spots.

Best time to visit

Although one can visit Hazaribagh all through the year, people love it most in the months from October to April. As it is a hill station, you can expect nature's blessing that can be seen in all weathers. Summers are hot, so if you are visiting in the summer, you should wear light clothes. In winters the temperature can fall to 7 degrees, so you have to wear thick woolen clothes. The weather is pleasant during January to March if you want to enjoy outdoor sports or adventure sports or even site-seeing. Lots of tourists visit the place during December to March.

How to reach

Local transport

The government has provided adequate bus transportation services, which tourists can utilize to roam around the city or visit the attractions. Traveling by bus is cheaper as compared with taxis and auto rickshaws.

However, if you want to travel by taxi, you have to check for metered and un-metered taxis. Sometimes you can be cheated by the drivers. It is the same with the auto rickshaws as well. You have to ask them about the charge before you enter the auto rickshaw so that you can confirm about the fare. Bargaining is also carried on in popular places as there are hundreds of visitors who want to roam the city. Besides, there are cycle rickshaws to cover shorter distances.


Hazaribagh offers a variety of Indian, Continental and local food restaurants to tickle your taste buds. The place has some of the best veg and non-vegetarian restaurants in Hazaribagh. Some popular restaurants are Upkar restaurant on the Ranchi Patna road and Prince Restaurant on the same road. Kachari sabji and jalebi are very popular here for breakfast. Snacks like dhuska and bada are also very famous and you get them from the street shop lined on the streets. Try maal pua or the famous chat or even the rasgulla, which are very tasty.

For the non-vegetarian, there is the kabab and paya on Jama Masjig road, which is quite different from what is offered in the rest of the country. Besides, there are a number of cafeterias and coffee shops as well as bakeries too.


Hazaribagh is a small place, so you will not be able to see plush malls and stores here. However, the city markets are big and you can find almost anything here. Urbann Haat is a market located around 3 km from the National Highway 33 and here you will find around 50 stalls that cater to various needs of the visitors. It displays various local products that can be taken back home as souvenirs, like the terracotta, sohari paintings, furniture, handloom garments and leather products. The products here are made by local artisans and are a work of art.

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Travel Tips

Cost of Travel

Everybody's preferences are different, so the cost too will differ as cost of transportation, hotels, restaurants, sightseeing will also differ. If you travel to Hazaribagh by air, the cost will certainly rise up. However, a bus journey will be cheaper, but time consuming. It will be half the cost of the air fare. The same can be said about the hotel accommodations. There are deluxe hotels as well as budget hotels that range from Rs. 300 to Rs. 4000 approximately. So if you stay for a day, your cost including the meals and stay will be on an average Rs. 1000.there are other miscellaneous costs like an entry fee to any site or even parks, transportation, toll etc.

How many days are enough?

Hazaribagh is a small place, so if you want to explore only Hazaribagh, three to four days will be enough. If you divide Hazaribagh into four regions, then you can complete the north and west ones on the first day and east and south on the second. However, you will need one whole day to explore the national park. For the spiritual and religious people, visiting the temples and Buddhist site will need an extra day.

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