Jharkhand Fairs and Festivals

The mesmerizing locale of Jharkhand is endowed with the reputation of being one of those states in the country of India that proudly celebrates an entire caboodle of festivals with unparalleled vigor and incomparable zeal. As a matter of fact, the residents are so jolly, fun-loving and hospitable and the way they celebrate the Jharkhand fairs and festivals, you are in for a huge surprise.

The various cattle fairs that are held inside the premises of the state of Jharkhand form an integral appendage of the Jharkhand fairs and festivals. A good majority of them basically pivot around the exchange of exquisitely ornamented cattle for thick bundles of green stuff. These fairs and festivals of Jharkhand also provide scope for a lot of co-curricular and amusement related activities which rejuvenates and invigorates every soul in sight. These activities that have virtually become the identity of Jharkhand include wrestling bouts where the wrestlers possessing herculean physique put up a brave display of brute strength and amazing maneuver, swimming, acrobatic acts that will completely dazzle you and many more.

The fairs and festivals in Jharkhand include a large number of fairs involving the monetary exchange of cattle. Some of the most prominent are Kunda Mela in Pratappur, Chatra Mela, Lawalong Mela, Sangharo Mela, Tutilawa Mela.

The major and most celebrated festivals at Jharkhand include Holi which is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and vigor. Dussehra that marks the magnanimous victory of Prince Ram over the demon of Lanka who had ten heads, Ravana and Ramanavami which is basically the celebration of Prince Ram's birthday.

Kunda Mela in Pratappur

The Indian dominion entitled Jharkhand has achieved a lot of fame and recognition for hosting an entire caboodle of fun-filled fairs and dazzlingly beautiful festivities that will beyond a shadow of a doubt captivate you in a state of trance and bring out the kid concealed deep inside you. Kunda Mela in Pratappur is one such festival that has been mesmerizing the local folks as well as the guests descending from hidden nooks of the country.

The primary objective that lies behind conducting this magnanimous Kunda Mela in Pratappur is the appropriate promotion of various breeds of cattle and establishment of trade relations with new clients as well. The district that had been dowered with the responsibility to host the Kunda Mela at Pratappur is Chatra. As a matter of fact, the Kunda Mela of Pratappur is arguably the biggest and most revered fair in the district if Jharkhand.

Kolhua Mela in Hunterganj

Amongst the whole bunch of jovial fairs and stunningly delectable festivals the virtually identifies the Indian state of Jharkhand, Kolhua Mela in Huntergunj is revered with the reputation of being one of the most colossal and famed fairs.

A tinge of that extra bit of excitement and thrill is supplemented to the Kolhua Mela in Huntergunj by the untiring zeal and enthusiasm displayed by the occupants as well as by the outsiders who assemble here to make it successful.

The Kolhua Mela of Huntergunj, however, unlike the majority of the fairs held in Jharkhand, is feted a total of two times in the span of twelve months which further amplifies the degree of fun and frolic that accompanies this phenomenal event in Jharkhand. The venue that had been hand-picked for decades for hosting this grand event is Huntergunj which is approximately 120 kilometers away from the magniloquent knoll entitled Kolhua Hill which in turn lies inside the proximity of Chatra district.

Holi in Jharkhand

Holi in Jharkhand is one of those legendary festivities that is feted in a truly spectacular and grand way. Holi at Jharkhand is principally celebrated in a grand way in the month of Phalgun according to Hindu calendar which merges with the months of February and March in the English calendar. Dhanbad serves to be the venue that oversees this jovial and invigorating carnival of colors.

The folks at Jharkhand immensely believe the legend of Holika and have kept the tradition of igniting a bonfire alive till now. The people engage themselves in all sorts of activities related with fun and jubilation.

The vigor and enthusiasm with which Holi in Jharkhand is celebrated by the people truly deserves a huge round of applause. They forget all sorts of discriminations regarding cast or creed and merge together to get drenched in the rejoicing spirit of this spectacular carnival.

Dussehra in Jharkhand

Dussehra in Jharkhand is considered to be of high priority as far as these festivals are concerned. As a matter of fact, Dussehra is not only feted across the domain of Jharkhand, but across the entire country of India. This momentous occasion is cordially feted on precisely the tenth day of 'Ashwayuja' or 'Ashwina', which are the names given to the Hindu calendar.

Like the rest of the festivities, Dussehra in Jharkhand also marks the triumph of godliness and truth over the dark and evil forces. Dussehra at Jharkhand simultaneously indicates the conclusion of 'Navratri' that is celebrated over a span of nine days as the name suggests. One aspect of Dussehra of Jharkhand is that it people from all caste and creed can participate in it.