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Dare to drift from typical tourist trails and visit Manipur, a pleasing state on the eastern edge of the country. Titled 'Switzerland of India' and 'A Jeweled Land', Manipur is visited by people from the world over.

The tourists will get all types of lodging options in Imphal, the capital city of Manipur, ranging from low-priced hotels to 5-star hotels providing the state-of-the-art and impeccable services. Hotels like Imphal Hotel and The Classic Hotel serve you the best of the top-class facilities on a platter. If you don't want your stay in Manipur to cost you heavy, then you must prefer to book a government-owned guest house located at different points in the state, or a private hotel of affordable range like The Hotel Bheigo, which will provide you a relaxed stay with all basic amenities.

In addition, the tourism department of Manipur has Tourism Information Centres, situated in different states to provide all the information about where to stay in Manipur during their visit.


Last Updated on : June 23, 2017
Hotels in Manipur

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