Assam University

The Assam University was founded in the year 1994 through the “Assam (Central) University Act of 1989. The campus of the University is located in Dargakona which is twenty kilometers from Silchar. The campus sprawls across 600 acres of land and is beautifully surrounded by mountains, lakes etc. It is a public university the present Chancellor of which is Prof. M.S. Swaminathan and the Vice-Chancellor is Prof. Tapodhir Bhattacharjee.

Since the time of its establishment, the university is developing at a steady pace to become one of the excellent centres of learning. The aim of the university is to maintain a multi-disciplinary outlook towards higher education. The objective of Assam University is to disseminate as well as advance knowledge by providing research and other facilities, to promote the study of integrated courses and interdisciplinary studies, improve the socio-economic condition of the people of Assam and to impart education and train the people of the state.

University of Assam has more than 230 faculty members and 53 colleges under the 5 districts over which the university extends jurisdiction. Further there are 9 schools under Assam University each based on a major discipline with various departments under them. In total 29 departments of study are there in Assam university. The different schools of the university are as follows.

The other services and facilities provided by Assam University to its students are hostel facilities, one for gents and one for ladies, computer centre located within the university, transport facilities like buses etc, important scientific instruments like the LCR Meter, computerized Telescope, Spectrometer, Polarizing Microscopy, incubator, PCR system, Growth Chamber and many more. Apart from these, Assam University has a Central Library which is located in the campus. The library has a huge collection with 52,557 books, 13 foreign journals, 186 Indian journals, 16 newspapers, 12 magazines etc. In 1998-99, the university library was selected by University Grants Commission as a library for the “automation and networking” under “INFLIBNET Programme”.

This teaching and affiliating University of Assam is slowly making its presence felt in the field of higher education. It is slowly attracting students from the various neighboring states and is ready to become a complete residential university thereby making a better atmosphere for research and education.