Andhra Pradesh Churches

Andhra Pradesh is one of India’s most economically developed states and records the country’s fifth highest populace. The secular state houses people of diverse faiths and has a substantial Christian community. Consequently Andhra Pradesh churches are widespread and fast proliferating across the state.

The Lutheran bodies primarily spearhead the administration of the churches of Andhra Pradesh. At present, there are 12 such church bodies, namely:

Medak Church, consecrated in the year 1924 is one of Andhra Pradesh’s most eminent archeological landmarks. A paradigm of fine Gothic architecture, the majestic edifice was also a distinguished center of Buddhist culture in ancient times. The interiors of the magnificent church are covered with murals that pictorially narrate the tales of the Bible.

St. Joseph’s Cathedral is another pristine and beautiful sanctum depicting the splendor of Italian architecture in Hyderabad’s Gun Foundry area that was set up in the year 1806.