People Culture and Festivals of Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is a vibrant conglomeration of People, culture and Festivals. Owing its origin to some of the great Dynasties of the past, the state manifests a magnificent blend of rich nizami tradition and royal heritage. One of the most popular tourist attractions of India, the place shines with an effervescent social structure.

Once the dwelling ground of Chalukyas and mughal rulers, Andhra Pradesh is inhabited by a large number of people who speak different languages, follow different religion and yet live harmoniously with each other for many centuries. Divided into various castes, the People of the state fall under two major categories - those who live on the banks of Krishna and Godavari and those who live in the hilly and forest areas of the place.

The major tribes and sub-tribes that are widely found across the length and breadth of Andhra Pradesh include gadabas, koyas, kolamis, bhagatas, khonds and savaras, among others.

The pulsating cultural base of Andhra Pradesh showcases the richness of the nizams, the elegance of the mughals and the sophistication of the cholas. The majestic architecture of the charminar, Golconda fort, salar jung museum, successfully bear the imprints of the skilled construction abilities of the past rulers of the state. The globally acclaimed kuchipudi dance is yet another fascinating evidence of the vivacious Culture of Andhra Pradesh.

The Festivals of the state depicts the multi-hued tradition of the place. Along with the national Festivals, Andhra Pradesh celebrates its own unique series of Fairs and fiestas that speaks of the bright customs and rituals of the place. The major Festivals of the state comprises of vinayaka chaviti, rayalaseema food and dance Festival, pongal, lumbini Festival, visaka utsav, makara sankranthi, deccan Festival and ugadi.

Inspiring the socio-cultural spectrum of Andhra Pradesh, the excellent People, Culture, Festivals of the state takes the place to unexplored heights of success.

Telugu Movies

The Telugu Movies are the best way of refreshing oneself from the strains and stress of daily life. The South Indian Film Industry is technically very advanced which is equipped with all the modern facilities for making a movie. The Telugu Film Industry is known to produce many actors and actresses who have immensely contributed for the entertainment of the people of the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The film industry comprises of many veteran film personalities who have made equal contributions in the Film Industry of Mumbai as well.

Some of the old classical movies of in the Telugu language have carved an important place for them in the history of films of our country. The movies reflect the rich culture and tradition of the state of Andhra Pradesh. The film studios of Hyderabad are equipped with all the modern techniques of producing a movie. The Film City of Hyderabad is spread over a very large area which houses a mini India within its premises. The film city has makeshift cities, villages, mountains and artificial lakes and rivers for shooting within its complex. The actors and the actresses are very well trained and their flare for creativity can be witnessed in the fantastic Telugu movies.

Telugu Literature

The Telugu Literature is one of the oldest Dravidian Literature of India, which has a rich reserve of stories, dramas, epics and poems. The literature of Andhra Pradesh reflects the rich cultural and traditional history of the Dravidian state. The state is blessed with many important luminaries in the field of literature who have contributed immensely to the Telugu language.

The Telugu literature is a vast store house of literary products by eminent personalities from the field of literature. The people of Andhra Pradesh nurture a deep and intense feeling for their language which has found expression through the various literary products. The Literary Gems of the Telugu literature have represented the Dravidian culture and tradition to the world. Many important literary figures of the state has been awarded with accolades from various quarters for their contribution towards the development of an important Indian language.

The Telugu Literature reveals the traditional society of our country. One can get a glimpse of the chronological events of the mighty South India by going through the literary productions of the Telugu literature. Some of the notable literary productions of the Telugu literature are:

Music in Andhra

The musical heritage of Andhra Pradesh is rich. The state was ruled by kings of many dynasties like Ikshvakus, Pallavas, Kakatiyas, Chalukyas, Vijayanagaram rulers, Qutb Shahis, Mughals, andAsaf Jahis. These rulers have contributed immensely to development of monuments, temples, mosques, art and crafts, dance, music and literature, thus enriching the cultural heritage of the state. These rulers also influenced the Andhra Pradesh Music. Telugu language, the official language of Andhra Pradesh is the soul of Andhra Pradesh music. Some of the famous composers of the region are Thyagaraja, Syama Sastri, Mudduswami Dikshita, Annamacharya and Bhadrachala Ramadasa. Famous vocalists include Mangalampalli Balamuralikrishna, Nedunuri Krishnamurthy, Srirangam Gopalaratnam, Sarangapani and Nookala Chinna Satyanarayana. Andhra Pradesh music strictly adheres to the Indian Classical music and follows all the rules of tal and rag.

Ethnicity of Andhra Pradesh

The Ethnicity of Andhra Pradesh represents a variety of communities that are living in the state harmoniously for decades. Tribes of Telegu origin primarily don the rural landscape of the place. Being the fifth largest populated region of India, Andhra Pradesh is a land of dynamic Ethnic groups.

Known to have originated from the oldest of South Indian civilizations, the Ethnicity of Andhra Pradesh is divided into various categories as per religious priorities and geographical location. The prime tribal communities and the sub-tribes of the state are:

Communal riots and other external elements of disruption that can adversely affect the otherwise calm structure of Andhra Pradesh's society are carefully prevented from reaching the contours of the state. Even if there is a slight hint of any religious or sect-wise disturbance, the governing bodies of the place, along with the enthusiastic support of the local population, efficiently erases the prospective possibilities of the same. Such is the effect of brotherhood between the Ethnicities of the state that a new comer to the place can also easily fathom the depth of the harmony of the residing people.

To improve and encourage the minority Ethnic groups, the Government of Andhra Pradesh is taking concrete measures through building infrastructural facilities and social awareness programmes. Some of the private Non governmental Organizations are also playing a significant role in bringing the less privileged Ethnic faction to the forefront of socio-economic development.

Inspite of being inhabited by such a wide gamut of Ethnicities, the state of Andhra Pradesh still boasts of a peaceful co-existence of all caste and communities.

Andhra News

The "Andhra News" of the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh covers all the important political, economic and social news of the state. The people of Andhra Pradesh are enlightened from the various news channels of the state that addresses all the significant social, economic and political issues of the state and the nation as well. One can get a wide range of information from the news channels that cover many international events also.

The "Andhra News" is a gateway to the wider world of information that offers the people of the state with a plethora of information. The news channel and the newspapers of Andhra Pradesh sheds light on "State", "National" and "International" news with special emphasis on "Education" and "Careers". The news papers and the numerous news channels also has a special section catering to the "Entertainment" and the various "Restaurants" that offers many lip smacking traditional South Indian and Continental food.

Some of the notable Telugu Newspaper of Andhra Pradesh are:

All the newspapers throw light on the significant events affecting the state, nation and the world at large. The daring attitude of the news reporters brings to the forefront the hidden truth underlying every event affecting the Indian society.

The local newspapers and the news channels have enhanced the linguistic skills of the Telugu people. The all encompassing nature of the local newspapers and the news channels throw light on the real life of the people of India and the world.

Andhra Pradesh Cuisines

The spicy lip smacking dishes of Andhra Pradesh Cuisines are something to savor forever. Leading the list of regional culinary is pulihara which is served with peppery vegetables and fresh green chillies. The pickles and papads aptly add tasty zing to the main courses of the state

A prime dominion of Mughal Emperors in the past, Andhra Pradesh reflects the immense influence of the rulers through its veritable palate of Hyderabadi menus. The most popular dish among the tourists and the local people as well is the biryani. The identity of this world famous dish lies in its flavor and the rich color. Prepared with rice, zafran, chicken/mutton and other rich spices, biryani was traditionally cooked on coal chulhas. With the passage of time, although the cooking instruments have changed a lot, but the inherent ingredients of the famed Hyderabadi culinary have remained unchanged.

Nahari, haleem, the mouthwatering kebabs, especially the dumb kebab, boti jhammi, sheek, shikampur, kalmi and the scrumptious variety of kormas are some other tempting food appeals of Andhra Pradesh.

Along with several non-vegetarian dishes, the state has an appetizing menu of pure vegetarian Cuisines. Bagara baingan, a dish of spicy brinjals is a true delight for the vegetarian people. Shahi dahi veda and tomato qoot are also quite popular as vegetarian food of the places.

The sweet dishes of Andhra Pradesh serve many yummy delicacies like qubani-ka-meetha, badam-ki-jhab, dil-e-firdaus and ande-ka-piyosi. Custard and other desserts of global origin are also included in the Cuisines of Andhra Pradesh.

Giving a memorable treat to the taste buds of the global and the Indian people, the Andhra Pradesh Cuisines live up to their reputation of being the irresistible culinary attractions of the place.are some of the other irresistible tast.

Offering a tasty plate of Andhra delicacies and Hyderabady dishes, Andhra Pradesh Cuisines