Government of Andhra Pradesh

As any other state under the constitution of India, the Andhra Pradesh government has a basic structure which is headed by the Chief Minister and governed by the Governor. The present Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh is Shri N.Chandrababu Naidu and the present Governor is Shri. E. S. L. Narasimhan. The ministries under the Andhra Pradesh government are:

The list of the important government departments are as follows:

By municipal administration, we generally refer to the local governing bodies which are accountable for the overall planning as well as development of a town or a city. Headed by a representative, who is elected by the residents of the respective city or town, such administrative bodies are a part of the government of the respective states


Municipal Administration in Andhra Pradesh

Similar to the other municipal administrations of the different states of the country, the municipal administrations of this state of south India are even responsible for the development of the dedicated urban region. Such municipal administrations can be of either of the following kinds:

About Local Self Government in Andhra Pradesh

Such a form of government had its origination from the Anglo - Saxons. It is a kind of public administration, where a community is formed by the residents of a particular territory. However, this public administrational form necessitates recognition by the Government of India as well as requires a specified legal status. To be precise, it is a government body, which comprises of the elected local representatives and is formed so as to manage the local affairs.

The state of Andhra Pradesh, which is located on the south east coast of the peninsular India, like the other states of the country, even includes local self governments within its state government. These regional self governments look after the development of the state. Apart from implementing different kinds of governmental as well as non-governmental projects, they are even responsible for maintaining a balance in between the development in the rural and the urban areas of this state of south India.

The local self government of this state can broadly be categorized into the two following types:

Municipal Administration

Panchayati Raj

Andhra Pradesh Government Departments

The entire government of the state is sub-divided into several departments and institutions so as to smoothen the state related affairs. Following are the names of the different departments of the Government of Andhra Pradesh: